Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome back Mr. K!!

hi everyone!

today is a fresh start for each of us! Mr. K just arrived and i know were all excited to see him:))

today we have an assembly which means we had a short class.

our today's class was divided into three points:

1. Reintroduction - which means going over our previous topic, the quadratic function, triginomentry (sin, cosine, tangent and ambiguous triangles), analytic geometry.

2. Blogs, Scribe Post, Digital Ethics - Mr. K mention that we need to blog every single day means that everyone should participate, because its also important that everyone knew what's going one in class and if someone is absent in our class they can go to blog and check what they missed. And its worth 5% of our class mark, so we better do it:D.

3. Where we at! - where on analytic geometry right now and were almost done with this topic and soon were going to write our pre-test and test.

Before the assembly Mr. K give us the homework which we have to blog and tell him if we need extra help with the previous lessons or topic, so he will have an idea where we are at. So we better do it because its our chance to review some stuff.
He also gave us our homework for tonight. We need to solve this equation

(x-2)squared+(y+1)squared=25 (equation of a circle)

2x+y=5 (equation of a line)

Mr. K said we need to find a points of intersection where the circle and the line intersect. the point is (2, -1), the 2x+y=5 we need to change it to a standard form of equation and substitute those points. These are just some clues to solve the given equation.

I think that's about it!..

Don't forget to do the homework and don't forget to arrive on class early tomorrow!!(so no lates)


next blogger is NOHOM..:)

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