Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I will be your host for tonite's Math meal

Check out this picture this is the same one from the white board Mr.Kuros kindly showed us and we instinctively learned like students what the meaning of this mis mash is about!

****too explain in detail.... without too many words ill put up pictures but in groups of 3 for the definitions*****

So check out what a line
Segment, a chord and a Diameter are...

How about what the heck is a Secant, Tangent, or ooo a Radius!

Just because I like you Ladies and Gentleman I'll define to you what the heck is are Major and Minor Arcs, what is meant by being bounded by something, what's a Sector and what an INSCRIBED ANGLE is.... although this will be the last circle for tonite

(Aww... too bad actually I'm actually getting tired of making these circles)

Well to end off this night peoples Im going to say there is this assignment similar to that of today's work where it covers all what I summarized for you Ladies and Gents.

Oh yeah Exercise 30 is on this material also.

I hope this meets Textbook/Mr . Kuro's standards just kidding but I do wish that it hasn't been a waste of your time to read this peoples. '

Give yourselves a hand for taking your time to learn.

And to on a final note Gambete Mina (work hard everyone) '''

*bows and waves*

nExT scriber is D'Lan
*clap clap clap and passes baton while running away*

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