Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Analytic Geometry

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Today in class first we did the home work from yesterday and here it is.

Step 1.to substitute -2x+5 in the spot of Y, to get

Step 2. Simplify the equation and add the like terms.
so you will get,

Step 3. Find the roots by using the quadratic formula.

The roots are
Then plug the X roots to find the Y values.

After that we did some review questions and here is the first one that we have to find the centre and the radius of a circle.
1) (x+1)^2+(y-4)^2=13
  • To find the centre, find the additive inverse of the X and Y. Which is -1,4. There fore the centre is (-1,4).

  • To find the radius, square both side and you will find the that answer is the square root of 13.

2) The second Question was a little bit different than the first one because we have to find the distance between a point and equation of line. (3,4) to the line 2x-5y=7

after you plug the numbers into the equation you will find that the distance is

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