Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Analytic Geometry Review

Hi! There I'm "Larlyn014" your scribe for todays class..

Inconsistant => No solution and there's no point met in line

Consistant => Indepedent to each other

Dependent => two lines in both the same spot, solution are infinate
For example: x + y=5 This two equation
2x + 2y=10 are equal to each other.
there for they we're both in the same line and has infinate number of points

Plane => flat surface in mathematical equation

2 dimension Solve:
2x - 3y=4
6x + y=-2

You can either use Substitution or Elimination depend on how you solve them and still get thet answer we wanted.

In this equation Mr. K used Elimination because it's much more easier than substitution. But remember its still depend on what you want to do it as long as the answer and the equation is right.

anyways back to the equation......

The equation is in the picture...(X,Y)

3 dimention solve:
4x+y+z=5 Line 1 (L1)
2x-y+2z=10 Line 2 (L2)
x-2y-z=2 Line 3 (L3)
Rules 1: L4=L1+L2
4:L7=solve L6
5:L8=solve L5 w/ x=1
6:L9=solve L5 w/ x=1


Don't forget to always label your equations
It can be useful while solving the equation.
Reminder: Read and watch the video that mr. K posted in the blog its about "Digital Ethics"
And tomorrow he said if we have time we're going to take the pre test and test on friday.
Analytic Geometry review sheet continue..tomorrow...
Next scribe will be EchizenR18 ^_^

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