Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pre- Test on Analytic Geometry

Hello!! everybody.....

Today in class we did our pre-test but before that, we work on Analytic Geometry #8

here's the question...

8. The total number of known moons around Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune is 43. The total number of moons around Saturn and Neptune is 9 more than the number of moons around Uranus. Saturn has 2 moons more than twice the number of moons around Neptune. Find the number of moons each planet has.

To solve this problem you have to do the following:

  • first, you have to find the equation
  • Then when you have the equation, set it up so it will be easy for you to solve it.
  • Then when solving it, you can use elimination or substitution

here's the equations..

S = # of moons around Saturn
U = # of moons around Uranus
N = # of moons around Neptune

S + U + N = 43
S + N = U + 9
S = 2 + N

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some question that we did on our pre-test..

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