Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008

Today's class we continued to talk about Quadratic Functions. We made a quick graph from the equation: y = 2x ^ 2 Using a table of values you can find your x and y values to plot your graph.

Table of Values:

We then discussed about how a Parabola is formed when graphed. We also learned about the vertex and Axis of symmetry.

A vertex is a point where your parabola changes direction. For the graph above, the direction for the red line would be going down then at the point where your parabola changes direction ( for the graph above this point is ( 0, 0 ) ) it will go back upwards and vice versa.

The Axis of symmetry is a line that separates the graph into two equal sides. For the graph above this line is shown by the green line between the points. This line can be anywhere between two points as long as those two sides are equal.

We also made another graph using the equation: y = -2x ^ 2

If a quadratic equation ( y = -2x ^ 2 ) has a positive " a " value your parabola will open upwards. If the " a " value is negative this means the parabola will open downwards.

For homework we had to do Exercise 1 Numbers 7 - 11 and number 13

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