Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008

For today's class, we finally talked about Quadratic Functions. But before that, I have to inform all of you that Mrs. Ingram will be the one teaching us for the rest of the semester. It is because Mr. K is on maternal leave and have to spend time with his family. :)

Okay, Mrs. Ingram talked about Quadratic Functions and how often we'll use it from now on. Quadratic Function is a function of second degree. This is how a Quadratic Function look like:

* y=ax²+bx+c * Quadratic Function cannot be completed if ax² is not there.

We did a few examples on this. We made table of values and then put it on a graph indicating the Domain and Range...

Table of Values

1.) y=x²

2.) y=2

This (2) coefficient affects our parabola.
The higher your "a" coefficient, the skinnier your parabola will be.

Mrs. Ingram gave us 2 books to use for the semester (Cumulative Exercises & Answers to Cumulative Exercises). Don't forget to do your homework! It's Exercise 1 Numbers 1-4.

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Chae said...

Good Job, Jea ! :D

d'Lan. said...

How did you do the subscript for the text (for future purposes) Good Job btw. (:

camiLLe said...

i love it jea:D..good work:D...