Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting ready for that good ol' test

I'm really frusturated with blogger. I wrote a lot and it deleted everything I wrote.
Anyways today in class we started off our morning with
a lovely Quadratic Function Pre-Test

Our first question on the pre-test was:
What are the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola defined by:

To find the answer you first need to change this into a different form which is:

When changing it into this form it turns out to be:
f(x) = -3 x- (-4)^2 -5

This then makes the vertex = (-4,-5)

Everything that we did in class today, was said in a lot of other post's by the previous scribes.

A few tips for the test tommorow.
1. When you come a long a question that has a lot of parts to it... DRAW! it's a lot easier! and it will help you in what you are supposed to find!
2. READ the question carefully to see what they are asking for. Sometimes you can skip out steps.. so you're not wasting any time.
3. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS! (when you can)

Dr Evitar posted all the slides for the answers on the pre-test earlier today.

HAVE A LOOK AT THEM & if you have any problems with questions..
I'm completely sure if you look at the previous blogs you'll find answers!
They are extremely detailed AND will definitely help you out a lot!
Well, it did with me :)

Good luck on the test tommorow!


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