Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 2. Sept. 04, 2008

basically today, we did 2 main things. First, Mr. K told us how we are supposed to make our own book for this class. he told the class that this whole blog idea is part of the class participation and each one of us will get to be a scribe (or whatever you call it) for at least 2-3 times. and Mr. K did a good job in orienteering us about how to go around this blogger, which buttons to click, how to get the smart board software (awesome!!) and so on... this idea is cool because it's like a class effort to help each other out.

second main thing was we recalled important terminologies that would be used often in this course. here's the brief summary of our notes today:

Term = parts of an algebraic expression or series separated by + or - signs, or the parts of a sequence separated by commas.
ex. 2xy, 3, 5a3 (5acube)

Monomial =
An algebraic expression with exactly one term.

Binomial = An algebraic expression with exactly 2 terms.

Trinomial =
An algebraic expression with exactly 3 terms.

Polynomial = An algebraic expression with one or more expression.

Degree of a term = the exponent of the variables in the term and with more than one variable the degree is the sum of the exponent.

Degree of a polynomial = the highest degree of any term in the polynomial.

Domain = All permissible inputs for a function.

Range = All permissible outputs for a function.

Quadratic Function = its a function of second degree.

and that's all for today. don't forget that we have that homework on The Garden Problem. it's in that spreadsheet in Google!

next: scribe is camiLLe : )


deaarly said...

hi Jamie! i missed class this morning aaaannnd i have a question for you. where do i find the questions? btw, thanks for putting up the notes!

deaarly said...

oops. i meant "where do i find the HOMEWORK questions?" lol.

Chae said...

Hi Dearly :D The homework question is included in the slide for today's class.This url > , has the spreadsheet for it.

Chae said...
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Chae said...

In case you don't know what's supposed to happen: we were supposed to think of the dimensions with largest area possible for the 40m fencing.

length = 4 meters
width = 10 meters
area = 4*10 = 40 square meters

Try other numbers for the dimensions that could get a larger area. Remember that both lengths and widths of the shape should equal to 40 meters.

There are examples in the spreadsheet, but yeah, I decided to explain it here =) Sorry IF my words didn't make sense.

Chae said...

I just happen to have no more homework, so I'm commenting -_-" Now, I want to scribe :D HAHA

Niwatori-san said...

Awesome start jaimes-san. Hopes you do well in pre-cal. *Thumbs up* ^0^