Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Char's posting for September 10, 2008 ^-^

Hello there! (:

For today's class, we continued on with Graphing Quadratic Equations. We were to graph the equations: y=x² and y=x²+1.
Here are my Table of Values & Graph:


Since sketching a graph and making the Table of Values seemed to have taken a lot of time, Mrs. Ingram taught us how to use our graphic calculator.

How to use the graph in a calculator:

Click to enlarge*


  • Quadratic Equation in the form of y=ax^2+k

If k is positive the graph will move upwards k units

If k is negative it will move down k units

We spent almost half of the class learning how to use the graphing calculator. It made graphing a lot easier and more accurate than a sketched one. But remember that you should know how to sketch a graph on a paper too.

For the rest of the class, we just worked on our homework.

I'm sorry for posting late. Pardon my explanations if they ever confuse you.
Don't forget that the homework for today is EXERCISE 2 on PAGE 3; QUESTIONS 1-8.

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