Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4 Math Class

Today in math we started off the class with circle problems. We were put into groups and were told to solve each of the problems in 4 minutes. The group who got the answer the quickest put their solution on the smart board and we went over it as a class, these are the problems:

After that we got Investigation 8 and a homework assignment to do. We also got assigned Exercise 32 in our text books.

We will be having a work class tomorrow and finishing up Circle Geometry.

The Next Scribe is... Lani


Benofschool said...

I don't know about the others but I would like to see how some of those questions be explained. For your scribe post you could include what the investigation was about as well.

Some advice from the Bench

Lani said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm wondering do you have a Lani in your class? The Lani on the list of contributors is in Northeast Ohio. Perhaps there's a need for another scribe??