Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sets and Venn Diagrams

Below are some definitions we learn't in class today.

SET: a collection of objects, may be things, people, numbers, etc.
SUBSET: a "smaller" collection of objects taken from a given set.
UNIVERSE: the set of all objects being considered.
NULL SET: a set that is empty, a set with no members, objects, etc.
NB: If two sets have no common elements, they are said to be "disjoint".

Below are some terms and examples
Union ( U )
A U B means gather all the objects in a set A with all the objects in set B.
Union ( U ) means "or".

Compliment (A )
This means everything that is outside set A.
Compliment (A’) means "not".

Exclusion ( / )
A/B means everything that is in set A excluding those things that are also in set B.
Exclusion ( / ) means "excluding".
Intersection ( n )
A n B means to gather all the objects that are in both set A and B.
Intersection ( n ) means "and".

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