Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hiya (:

I find the Circle Geometry unit easier now than the first time that I saw it. The drawing part was fun, but understanding the theorems was a quite hard. I had difficulties on how to state and reason, and up until now, I still use the "paragraph/sentence" thingy. But I know that I will get used to the more formal one. The theories, as I said, were hard to know which one to describe with. Thanks to the summaries of the theories, I already know which theory to use. The extra days that we took to review helped me understand more. The pre-test today made me confident that I was ready for the actual test. I'm just a little nervous about the test tomorrow, though... But I hope that we all do well on the test tomorrow. Good luck, my fellow classmates! ^-^

--CharChar :D

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