Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Review Class

Today we had a review class since Mr. K. gave us an extra day to prepare for the test. Mr. K. wasn't here today unforunately. For the class, we received a Logic Review sheet as seen below.

Some of the questons you will see on the sheet, we've already went over so it shouldn't be to hard to answer. It was also said that in the beginning of the class that the questions on the sheet were taken from past tests. So what you see on that sheet is basically a test in itself. So its safe to say, the questions seen are identical on what you will see on tomorrow's test.

As for question 9, you will need to make a chart to solve. I've made a chart for those of you who need itAs you may have noticed, there is a question mark in place of one of the points. I have yet to figure out what that value is. Most likely you will need to go trough the problem to be able to find the value.

Thats it for today's class.

Remember: Test Tomorrow

Good luck and study hard !

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