Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More about Rational Functions

Hi! everyone..

Sorry for the delay I almost forgot that I have to scribe for today's class.

Today, Mr.K reviewed about the Graphing Function that we did for yesterday's class.

Remember: The seven steps of doing the Graphing Function;
1st step: find the y-intercept
2nd step: Factor (if it can be factor)
3rd step: Find the Roots
4th step: Find the V.A (vertical analysis)
5th step: Find the H.A (Horizontal analysis)
6th step: Sign Analysis
7th step: Sketching the graph
Mr. K ask to do this question:

If the graph didn't touch the x-axis then it doesn't have roots
Mr. K give an example of irrational number that can be factor

don't forget to do the exercise review^_^
next scribe will be EchizenR18

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