Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More with math with Niwatori-san

Hiya folks!

Hope you been studying there's the test on Wednesday!

Well anyways besides that what we did in class yesterday was learning about ambiguous case. It's a short unit but if you don't really get it I'll just dumb it down to the level where elementary kids can work around. There is no offense to what I just said ^v^

We started out with the word Ambiguity if you don't know what that means it just means having uncertainty so the basis around this is that we're learning about how to figure out something uncertain with the information given when being asked.

This diagram works around the Sine Law

We then moved onto the cosine law which is another way to get the triangle sides which in this case that formula is:

a^2 = b^2+c^2-2bcCosA

and this single formula can be changed so that you can look the specific side you want by plugging instead of the a^2 you could plug in b^2/c^2 and then putting in the angle relating to that side like b^2 with CosB and c^2 with CosC and so forth.

We also learned how to know if the triangle can be drawn or not.

The diagram above shows how to know if the triangle is not possible.

This next diagram will show you how to wrap around getting two triangles!

Well that concludes my part and for next time have fun in math, it's not just here we're using it. We may use it in the future and who knows what we might use it for!

Until next time with Niwatori-san! GABATTE!! people (japanese for work hard or go for it!)

The next scribe is.... EricT

*passes the baton* *Clap clap clap*^0^

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